When a diamond

& its provenance matters

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Specialists in Ethical and Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Our Story

Diamonds at Dawn have been part of Hatton Garden since 1999.

We are specialists in:

  • Ethical Diamonds sourcing
  • Lab Grown Diamond Rings

We design and produce :

  • Bespoke diamond engagement rings
  • Diamond eternity rings 
  • Wedding bands

We advise individuals on how to create their desired diamond engagement ring at the right price.

With over 30 years of experience we understand how small tricks of the jewellery trade can change a standard diamond engagement ring into a wow diamond engagement ring.

Securing that all important "yes!"

Experts in Diamonds

Diamonds at Dawn are also technical advisors to jewellery designers and the fashion trade.

If you have a fashion jewellery range or are a jewellery designer requiring technical assistance then get in contact with our friendly highly experienced team.

We can advise on design alternations to increase profitability, durability and quality.

Creation of jewellery catalogues and 3D renders of your jewellery pieces for potential investors. To full wax pre-production modelling.

Sourcing of ethical diamonds or other gem stones. Diamond cutting and polishing. Creation of unusual shaped diamonds  and large diamond sizes along with setting techniques to complete your vision.

Working with us, you are drawing on 30 years of jewellery technical experience. You'll be amazed at what you'll learn !

Praise and Testimonials

Diamonds at Dawn's technical knowledge and little black book of specialists saved me loads of time and heartache.

A sit down conversation was always a real joy and I felt confident in them as a technical partner

Kate Hodgeson Jewellery designer

She said yes !

Thankyou so much for helping me to produce the perfect ring. I felt confident in my choices throughout the process.

Your design guidance to improve the engagement ring made it beautiful and super sparkly.

The top tip about treating Jo to a manicure the day before was brilliant ! 

Graham D Groom

Thank you for your very sensitive and gentle adaptation of my Grandmothers engagement ring. 

I can only hope my marriage will be as full of adventure as hers!

Thankyou for giving me the confidence to make the changes.

Kate C  Bride to be

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