Wednesday 28th January 2014: Today as I drizzled through the streets in my car I was wondering what i was thankful for today. I’d spent the majority of the day doing my tax return and going to the bank (dull as you can imagine) and could not think of anything to be joyful about! As I looked through my windscreen I suddenly saw the beauty of the raindrops on the glass, lit up like fairy lights with the street traffic. I was instantly transported far away from thoughts of my dull day and into the moment! – I wanted it to rain more and for the next set of lights to be on red so I could capture the magic of it. I was amazed that previously i had been rushing to my destination, and now, in seizing a moment of gratitude, my mind was renewed and I was able to revel in something so normal, something I would have so easily missed. I laughed as I arrived home, no slower than I would have before I was thankful, but much more joyful and much more alive.

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