Margot’s kitchen window

Wednesday 19th March 2014:

To me this picture holds much more than beautiful view of a lovely garden through a homely kitchen window…

…this is my Grandmothers kitchen window.

I have stood at this window many many times, as far back as I can remember.

I played in this garden as a child with my brothers and cousins. Over the years we’ve picked fresh tomatoes and ripe strawberries and sat out in the sun. I’ve helped dig up weeds, cut sprigs of lavender, prune bushes and trim poppies.

We have stood in that window washing dishes together, making cups of tea, arranging flowers together and fixing trays of cereal and milk for breakfasts in bed.

I stood with her today, there in the window, and we admired her garden. We went out for lunch together and had a lovely time chatting away and laughing and I loved it. I love my Grandmother and I love it that we have things in common, like the love of flowers, nature and adventures.

Today I am so grateful that I can have a relationship with my Grandmother which inspires me, brings me joy and which we both enjoy very much.

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