my amazing mum

Sunday 30th March 2014:

Today I am thankful for my mum.

Regardless of my circumstances, or what situations I have found myself in – her and my dad have always been my biggest fans.

She has always been right behind me to spur me on in decisions I have made, projects I’ve been involved in or as I have disappeared on various adventures around the world.

She’s always been right before me in wisdom – advising me, guiding me and praying for me as I navigated new paths into my future.

And she’s always been right beside me to support me when I’ve been exhausted, sick, sad, or when everything has gone wrong. She has been there in some of my happiest times and darkest moments.

Not only has loved me well, but she has inspired me with her life. She has been a constant source of hope, joy and love to me. 

She has always written me notes to encourage me. In just a couple of minutes I could lay hands on an array of cards she has given me over the years – this picture shows just a small sample of them!

Amazing woman, amazing life, amazing mum. I am very thankful to God for her.

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