sad times

Monday 7th April 2014:

Today hearts broke and tears flowed. Grief ran through every soul. Nothing could not fathom the utter loss.

I sat silent, listened. I heard stories of love. I heard stories of the little moments – the ones that mattered most. Stories of laughter and smiles, the joys of a connection over books and music, tv shows and shared experiences, stories of recognising quirky little ways and becoming so fond of them, stories of love.

I realised that it is these little moments that matter the most. The little human connections. The little moments that happen every day, the ones we can often miss – they are the moments that matter most. Because it is in the little moments that love grows. And it is only when we look back that we realise just how much.

As I arrive home I look, once again, to God. I look up. I thank Him for his unfailing love, and I thank him for the little moments. I ask him to always remind me of the significance of these moments, as I was reminded so deeply today.

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