ballet of light

Saturday 12th April 2014:

Water. We need it so much and every day we have it. We drink it, shower in it, bathe in it, cook with it, wash our dishes, clothes and hands in it, we swim inside it and do sports on top of it, we make it into electricity. 

And water is so beautiful! I took this picture of the astonishing millisecond as plummeting water drops hit the still fountain pool below. In this moment where water meets water, there is this incredible scene – a ballet of light and sparkling chaos. Elegant drops of water – life giving, cleansing, refreshing, pure – explode into a glorious celebration!


Water. We need it every day, and we use it in abundance. We are so blessed to have it in such plenty, when so many people around the world don’t.

Today I have been reminded to be grateful for the things we consider the most basic things in life – to not take these things for granted, but to celebrate them and realise just how very blessed we are every day. I feel happy in realising this more and more, and in grasping it a little more fully as each day goes by. 

Today I am thankful that I am so blessed to have water. Every day. In vast plenty. I am thankful that realising it, and being grateful for it, makes me very happy.

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