Let rest abound 



Wednesday 14th May 2014:

Today I got up at 5am to go to London and back for a training course. It was a great day. Although the day was busy I took half an hour to enjoy it fully. I sat and rested, wrote in my journal, smelled the roses and looked at the intricate detail of foxglove flowers. It was a wonderful part of my day. I was filled with joy, and went on to chat to various strangers throughout my day, enjoying our brief encounters. On the train home I wrote a poem, which I would like to share with you here….

Let rest abound 
It’s worth a go,
To sit and stay,
To watch the world,
Not fly away.
To feel the still,
And silence rest,
Remove yourself
From rat contest.
To wait a while,
And calm your mind,
Tomorrow can wait,
Yesterday’s behind.
Be aware, be here,
Let rest abound,
As you recognise,
Your present surrounds.
As worlds stand still,
An oasis descends,
Let senses indulge,
As beauty transcends.
Take note, slow pace,
Smell roses, give time,
Your soul can breathe,
Your heart can shine.
Captivated, immersed,
See mighty in small,
In pollinating bee,
In pink foxglove tall.
Take time to listen,
To feel and touch,
Be mindful here,
In moment lush.
See other faces –
The world you share,
Notice them too,
Show them you care.
To stop and chat,
To give of time,
It costs a moment,
But renews your mind.
Be grateful, give thanks,
And gratitude know,
Joy will soon bubble,
And happiness flow.
If minutes you take,
To stop still today,
Try use them up wisely –
And don’t rush away.



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