home from home


Sunday 1st June 2014:

Today Elikem and I went for lunch at Nic and Jen’s home, our church pastors, as we often do. Today I am thankful for that, and more than that – I am thankful for them.

Over the 10 years or so I have known them, they have scooped me into their family and called me loved. They have welcomed me into their home to live with them twice over the years – through both terrible times and wonderful times. Both times I lived with them were very special, I felt welcomed and at home.


We must have shared hundreds of meals together – most of which were scrumptiously prepared by Jen. And there has been even more cups of tea, coffee and all sorts of discussions and chats around the kitchen table. Over the years their daughters and their grandchildren have become a beautiful part of my life too, my life is so much richer for having them in it.


Their home is home away from home for me, and they are extended family to me. It is an amazing joy and incredible privilege to feel like family with them and I am over the moon thankful for this.

Today I am thankful for the Hardings.


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