Wednesday 4th June 2014:

Today I visited my grandma and I really enjoyed making a point of noticing all the things in her house that reminded me of when I was a child. All those nostalgic things…

Some things even smell the same as when I was a child. This cupboard has always looked the same – it has always been full to the brim with all the condiments you could ever think of, and it has always had this distinct smell, (the mixture of every herb, spice, flavouring or sauce you can imagine!) which sort of wafts out as you open the door. I stood looking in the cupboard today, smelling it, and feeling the nostalgia waft over me! A smell is such an incredible vehicle to trigger your senses and transport you back to a million old memories.

Today I am thankful for the nostalgia that bursts out of my grandma’s kitchen cupboard.


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