fruit and veg market


Thursday 5th June 2014:

I walked home a different route tonight so I could spend time walking with my lovely friend Abbie.

After we parted ways I started to think about dinner and I stumbled past the fruit and veg market I had never been in. I ventured in and loved it! There were fruits and vegetables tumbling out of the doors in crates and boxes stretched right down the street. Inside was a world of foods from other worlds… a feast of packets and tins, bags and jars, all filled with the delights of countries far from here. It was fun just to wonder around the shop looking at everything.



I spend so much longer in there than I would have in Tesco…. but I enjoyed it so much more! The colours, the giant and fascinating fruits, the marvellous foods, the interesting smells, the maze of shelves inside… it was an experience just to be there!

….and here is what I made with what I bought!! Delicious!!

Today I am thankful for food stores of different cultures.



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