navigating the swampland

Tuesday 10th June 2014:

The Roman Philosopher Cicero stated “Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body”, and Carl Jung said, “Shame is the swampland of the soul”. 

As a nurse I meet people daily who are struggling with the issues of life, with emotional traumas, with the swamplands of their souls. To equip myself better to help others I went on some counselling courses.

I gave a talk tonight about counselling theory and how I have learned from it during courses I have done, and how I have been able to apply it to my job as a nurse.

Theory is the map which guides us through territory which is alien and can feel dangerous. It helps to stick to the path, however rocky, instead of panicking and running into the woods.” Tolan, J. (2003) – This quote probably sums up how counselling theory has helped me. I have learned more about human nature. I have learned about myself and others. This has helped me in working along side my patients, when things are difficult and when things are messy. It has helped me mainly to sit and listen to people well, because, most of the time you can’t fix things. But what you can do is seek to understand them as best you can, you can believe in them when nobody else does, and you can find small ways to help them move forward.

I drew this picture and used it as part of my talk tonight. Tonight I am thankful that I was able to get some funding which enabled me to do my counselling courses. I am thankful I have been able to learn so many things i find so valuable for life. And I am thankful that people came tonight and listened to me share what I have learned.


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