Mornings in my garden


Friday 13th June 2014:

I love my garden. This morning I have enjoyed being out here in the sunshine with a coffee. I wandered round the garden bare foot, enjoying the sunshine gently bathing everything it touches and casting long shadows.

I love the morning light. I love the tall trees reaching up to the blue blue sky. I love the bare brick walls which surround. I love the ivy that flows down and carpets the ground. I love that our house is big and old. I love the little tiny flowers which are scattered through the garden, the ones you need to crouch down to see properly. I love the sound of bird song amidst the silence.

I love how peaceful it is here.

Today I am thankful for mornings in my garden.

IMG_4030 IMG_4033 IMG_4024 IMG_4037 IMG_4032

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