make poppies not war


Sunday 29th June 2014:

Today I saw the most wonderful scene!! My friend Gemma took me to see the sea of poppies that has sprung up in the field near her flat. It is amazing! The entire field is literally covered in poppies. We thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures of the beautiful display.

I wondered who had scattered all the seeds to create this wonderful scene?? Was it a symbolic remembrance of the war? Was it an art installation? Was it a field to symbolise peace? Maybe it was an urban beauty project?


I researched the story of the field tonight when I got home…

And it turns out nobody planted them… for the first time, they just appeared this year! I discovered it is purely nature.

I watched this news clip about the poppy field.

Amazing. I love it.


During the time I was contemplating the origin of the poppy field, I was in church. My church pastor was talking about unity: about giving each other a break – about choosing to love, when it feels easier to hold a grudge, be negative towards others or not work together. “Be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.” Ephesians 4 verse 3. I was challenged and inspired.


I thought about the poppies. The symbol of peace, hope, the end of war, of unity not fighting. I remembered that poppies are full of tiny seeds. Poppies have millions of tiny seeds inside them. Poppy seeds are used for the production of analgesic opiates such as morphine and codeine. Poppy seeds are rich in oil, carbohydrates, calcium, and protein. Poppy oil is often used as cooking oil, and can also be added to spices for cakes, or breads. Those tiny seeds are fruitful!! If one poppy unleashes its seeds, the full potential of all a poppy can do is fulfilled – it multiplies to make fields full of poppies!

In the same way, if we actively choose to love, instead of being unforgiving, we can unleash something that will multiply and produce immense beauty. The beauty is grace – grace that we can choose to give, and grace that once received, can be given to another, and another. And it is grace, not unforgiveness, that produces unity. Its life in colour.

I know I can find it so easy to slip into not loving as best as I can. It can sometimes be so easy to not allow for the faults of others, or even the faults of yourself. But I was thankful to be inspired today by my pastor speaking, and by the sea of poppies, to choose afresh to seek grace and unity. 



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