making magical memories

Wednesday 30th July 2014:

When you are a child there are certain things that become magical. As you get older those things stay magical, no matter what age you become. It might have been climbing trees, or an old rag doll, the smell of summer, or the sound of Christmas songs, the feeling of grass under your bare feet or snow on your nose. For me, some of my most magical memories were stories told by my dad.

And now he is a grandad he is telling stories to his grandchildren. He overflows with ingenious tales filled with silly creatures and wonderful imagination. Today I helped him bring some of his latest ideas to life….IMG_5035

The Tiggle Wiggle Forest is a magical and mysterious place (which happens to be in the woods near his house). Dragons and crocodiles and trees with eyes live there. It is a place him and my nephew Raphie often go, and always return with the wildest stories of being chased by a pig or running past a spooky house!

Today we made the Tiggle Wiggle Forest into a giant picture, with little squares along the paths to make it into a game! I drew all the parts of the Forest that Raphie and my dad told me about, and all the creatures too. Raphie and my grandma coloured in all the creatures and the trees with eyes and ears.

IMG_5035 2It was a real team effort! Grandad dreamed up the story and made a map, I drew the picture, and Raphie and his Great-Grandma coloured in the creatures! A team effort of four generations.

Today I am thankful for the joy of making magical memories.

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