long bus journeys

Friday 22nd August 2014:

We travelled on what turned out to be an 18 hour bus journey overnight last night – We wet of in the sunshine at 6pm last night and arrived in the sunshine at 12noon today. It was gruelling, but I totally loved it.

IMG_5924There were lots of people getting on and off the bus all night, a wait at a bus station in the middle of nowhere from 3am to 6am, some tasty road side snacks, dodgy toilets, a few cockroaches here and there, and some great chats with people who don’t speak any English.

IMG_5938There was a beautiful sunset last night and amazing views along the way today.

IMG_5933IMG_5940We ached all over when we arrived and had headaches as if we had been hit by the bus we had ridden on. But, I have to say I loved it. I loved having the window down and feeling the breeze on my face.

IMG_5936As we bumped along through the night I looked out of my window and wrote: “In dreamy wonder I watch the night sky drift by. Starry eyed and mystified I feel alive. I feel alive to be out in the world again, leaning in to feel the wind on my face. To enjoy local people and hear their stories, to feel the sun on my skin. To taste new foods and see new wonders. I feel alive when its not all easy, when initiative, endurance and patience are called for. I feel alvie to be a team with my husband, enjoying experiences and facing challenges together. I feel alive to have time to dream. I feel alive to be myself, just as I am. I feel alive to feel so free.”

Today I am thankful for travel, for long bus journeys.

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