Sunday 24th August 2014:

Today we drove a further 6 hours into the heart of the Pantanal region. It is a beautiful expanse of flatlands, rivers and jungly trees. We went out on a boat trip tonight down the river at sunset and returned in the dark using a flashlight. It was amazing and we loved it!!


Along with crocodiles and giant swimming rodents that look like teddy bears, we saw many species of birds. Beautiful bright blue kingfisher sailed past, skimming the surface of the water. Huge birds with massive wing span soared above us, and tiny birds dashed in and out of the bushes. There was even a bird that could dive deep into the water and swim for fish, then raise it’s head out of the water like a snake before submerging again.


But the best of all was an amazing place far down the river where thousands of birds had made their home. Flocks of birds covered the trees like cocoa on a hot chocolate. As we approached they took flight like a swarm of flies, peppering the glowing sky. It was incredible. As a flock landed another flock would rise up to silhouette the amber sky. It was such an experience. There was a sense of magnificence and awe as the free birds soared around us.

Today I am thankful for amazing birds.

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