wasting time, investing time

Monday 25th August 2014:

I’m sitting at the end of the pier to the river here at the ranch we are staying at in the Pantanal. Before me is a soupy dark river with a glassy surface reflecting the lazy trees surrounding it. Interspersing the reflections are leaves, dancing flies on the surface, and groups of blubbering bubbles.


Splashes and glugs interrupt the sound of bird song. Iguanas rustle through the bushes nearby and birds large and small sail and swoop around me. Monkeys chatter high up in the trees.


I’m wondering with every splosh and gurgle, and simmering bubble, if a beady-eyed crocodile is going to appear. I’ve sat a few steps up on the rickety deck just in case one does. One of the giant rodents has just appeared, then another and another, then a whole family, about 12 of them – all lifting their shiny coloured heads out of the water and swimming quickly past. They were huge! Some were as big as me and bigger!


This morning we went canoeing down the river just after dawn. I loved it. It was so peaceful and quiet. I could have paddled down the river in our little for hours, listening to all the sounds of nature.


I sit, content, remembering the words from the song, ‘sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time’. I think there is a value in wasting time that I don’t seize often enough. Wasting time absorbed in surrounding beauty is one of the most well spent activities I can think of. What can be deemed as ‘wasting’ I feel is more an ‘investment’ of time. When your senses are absorbed in your surroundings and your mind is at ease, it is like a quenching drink for thirsty eyes and ears. It brings refreshment and rest to a parched soul. I’m sitting on at the end of the pier, investing time.

Today I am thankful for the investment of wasting time.IMG_6035


One response to “wasting time, investing time

  1. The big rodents look like the laba we saw in Guyana. The saying was that if you ate laba and drank creek water you would always return!

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