Elikem’s amazing planning

Friday 29th August 2014:

Today I am thankful for Elikem’s amazing research and planning skills. He researched how long, winding and tricky the 14 hour rough journey from Santa Cruz to Sucre was, so managed to get us some really cheap flights to make the hop in half an hour. The plane was a small one and we got the immense privilege of seeing the incredible mountains from the air.

As we alighted into the sky, leaving Santa Cruz behind, civilisation quickly diminished and a knurly and muscular landscape rose up like the clenched up face of an angry beast. Winding roads snaked like wiry veins through the bulging mountains. I marvelled at the wondrous scene.


And as if that wasn’t enough wonder for one day, we then arrived into the beautiful city of Sucre and Elikem had researched an awesome hotel on the National Geographic website.

IMG_6584It is an old 18th century house restored in the original fashion with antiques and quirky bits and pieces. Many generations of the family have lived in this home. It has a beautiful white washed courtyard which all the rooms surround and an amazing view over Sucre too!


Today I am thankful for Elikem and his amazing research and planning skills. I am thankful that he puts so much time and effort into making things wonderful. And I am so thankful that he gives so much thought into what he knows I will love. Thank you amazing Elikem.IMG_6638

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