Lake Titicaca

Sunday 7th September 2014:

Today we travelled from Copacobana in Bolivia over the boarder to Puno in Peru, around 4 hours by bus. We hustled and bustled through the colourful stalls and local shoppers in the no-mans-land between Bolivia and Peru.IMG_7403

The whole journey our bus hugged the great expanse of water that is Lake Titicaca. The name of the lake is from the tribal language and means Great Puma, as the lake is shaped like a giant puma (if you squint your eyes and turn your map up side down!)


The lake is beautiful and we are now staying on a peninsular/island overlooking the lake and mountians beyond. Elikem and I explored the island tonight and watched the sun set over Puno.

Today I am thankful for beautiful Lake Titicaca.IMG_7407

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