Machu Picchu

Sunday 14th September 2014:

Today we rose at 4am in order to make our way from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu. We made it there for bang on 6am when the gate opened and we bustled in with the rest of the early risers.IMG_7875

Covered in a blanket of thick white misty clouds we could just about make out shapes of the lower ruins. Carried by the breeze the mist lifted slowly to reveal it’s treasure. The ancient ruins of the lost city of the Incas came into sight like a looming ship out of ocean fog.

IMG_7894The ruins emerged before our eyes into a mountain city, covering the hilltop expanse and spilling down the sides in the form of carefully etched earthen ledges. Beyond the ruins the mighty mountain of Wynapicchu began to rise up out of the mist and tower over the great city. It was an incredible sight.IMG_7892

We explored the ruins and learned about the Incas and how they had used this great city. We heard of it’s discovery and subsequent rise to fame.IMG_7928

For some reason unbeknown to us today, we had signed up to climb the mighty Huayna Picchu/Wayna Picchu (Quechua for ‘Young Pyramid’), so at 8am we began the gruelling 1,180 foot climb up the seemingly vertical face of the monster. It took an hour of leg battering, lung exploding strength to reach the top. It would have been very tough as a stand alone climb, but after the previous days of trekking it was even tougher. From the top we had a magnificent view of Machu Picchu and once again, it was worth the effort.IMG_7935

Although completely exhausted, today I am thankful for the privilege of being able to visit one of the Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu and to climb Huayna Picchu.IMG_7945IMG_7954

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