so proud of my parents

Saturday 20th September 2014:

Today I am thankful that I can feel so incredibly proud of my parents.

IMG_8068 2They are amazing in all that they do – they manage the charity they started themselves 15 years ago which impacts people in some of the poorest parts of the world. They regularly travel overseas to drive for hours over bumpy rural roads to villages where they work tirelessly for hours each day to treat hundreds of people a day with medicines that save lives. Not only that, but they pour their hearts and souls into what they do, embracing individuals to give them support, love and the hope of Jesus. Medicines, treatments and prayer has transformed hundreds and hundreds of lives over the years.

IMG_8051And tonight the ‘Strictly New Hope’ charity ball they had organised to raise money for the Democratic Republic of Congo unfolded into an absolutely outstanding event. Over 200 people flocked into the beautiful marquee set in the stunning grounds of Thornton Mannor, with a Cheshire life photographer capturing the action. IMG_8053And the creme de la creme of the event were that Strictly Come Dancing  stars Camila and Ian came to perform their dancing talent! It was breathtaking to watch them dance so incredibly, and a privilege to meet them. This is my sister in law with them backstage!IMG_8058

I was blown away that my mum and dad had organised all this to raise money for the Congo, and feel so proud to call them my parents.

Today I am thankful to feel so amazingly proud of my parents.


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