Glorious piles of leaves!

Wednesday 22nd October 2014:

There are many many wonderful things about this time of year in England, and one of them is most definitely the glorious piles of colourful leaves that adorn our streets.IMG_8549

Like a multicoloured ‘red carpet’ they lead our feet over a soft walkway of freshly fallen treasures. Each leaf is different in shape, size and colour. It is a magnificent sight, and as the autumn winds blow, the multicoloured carpets grow. Walking through them brings me so much joy!IMG_8542

There is something understated and special about this time of year. These Autumn leaves don’t boast like a fabulous display of Summer flowers, or bring magic like the silent snow that falls in Winter. But they quietly and gradually turn fiery red and blazing orange, and then, softly they make their pilgrimage from the tree above to the ground below. One by one. IMG_8568

Beauty is unleashed in every leaf, and together they form their collective beauty. Today I am thankful for the amazing and beautiful piles of leaves.IMG_8539

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