joy in routine

Sunday 2nd November 2014:

In general I am pretty go with the flow, without much routine. I recently completed one of those ‘what are your strengths’ quizzes, which revealed one of my strengths was ‘adaptability’, so going along with the changes life brings is something I can roll with.

IMG_8753However, (maybe its because I am over 30 now… I don’t know!) there are a few bits of routine I have in my life which I love. There are a few little routines that I really enjoy, a few things that don’t change. One of them is Sunday evenings with Elikem…. It involves ordering the same dish, from the same takeaway, having a glass of wine and watching tv together on the couch. It is a routine I really look forward to, the routine of it beings me joy. IMG_8754

Today I am thankful for the joy that can be found in routine.IMG_8752

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