Remembering those who have gone before me

Tuesday 11th November 2014:

Today is Remembrance Day. The day when we take time to remember those who have lost their lives fighting for Britain.


As I stop today at 11am, on the 11th day of the 11th month, I remember those who went before me. I remember those closer to my heart. I remember my Granddad whom I never met, my father’s father, who went to fight in the Second World War. He was gone for six years, being allowed home for just two days to marry his love, my Grandmother. I remember my Grandmother, whose heart ached every time she told me the story of her waiting for him to return.


And I remember mother’s father, my fun loving Granddad who made us all laugh. He was a boy from Ireland in the war and came over to North Wales to work on the railways. It was here he met my Grandmother and they married.

Today I remember them with tears in my eyes and a sense of pride in knowing those who have gone before me have paved a way for the life I know today.

Today I am thankful for those dear to my heart that have gone before me.


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