life from a different perspective

Thursday 13th November 2014:

It is so great when you hang out with children, as they see everything from a different perspective, and it is often a much more fun way of looking at life!


Yesterday I asked Eddie, who’s 5, what he would like on his toast. He said jam and peanut butter. I said, cool, and was just about to spread them both on the toast. But he interrupted me embarking on the toast spreading to let me know he wanted jam on one side of the toast and peanut butter on the other side! Brilliant. Life from a different perspective.


Today the four of us went to the park and, of course, instead of just kicking the leaves, Amy, Maddy and Eddie got INSIDE the leaves!! It was a lot of fun watching them fully appreciate and enjoy every moment without hesitation. Thats how life should be, enjoyed fully in every moment.


Today I am thankful for the fullness of living life with children as they show us life from a different perspective.


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