Sunday 21st December 2014:

Today is Elikem’s 30th birthday and I was so excited this morning to give him his presents!!


I had gathered a few of his friends together to buy a joint present from them all, a briefcase I knew he would love! I was so excited when it arrived in the post just in time and I was able to give it to him along with his other presents!

IMG_9642IMG_9635 IMG_9649 IMG_9647

It was also my sister in law Emily and niece Nina’s birthday’s this week so we had a big joint celebration for everyone! It was a wonderful day of celebration, joy, presents and cake!





When we gave Nina a pink raincoat with little owls on it she tried it on straight away and even though it was huge on her she loved it!! It made me smile seeing her in it 🙂


Today I have been so excited about giving, and I am thankful for the joy that is in giving.

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