silhouetted trees and winter skies

Wednesday 24th December 2014:

Tonight I was captivated by the amazing sky as we drove from Liverpool to the Wirral for Christmas. The sky was lit up like a bonfire, all oranges and smouldering yellows, fading into the deep clear blue. It looked stunning with the stark silhouetted trees majestic in the foreground. There are some moments like these that you know you must savour. When the sky looks stunning like this, it is only for a few fleeting moments in time. The sun will soon set and the whole light display will disappear along with the sinking sun. Many moments in life are fleeting like this, and it’s moments like this that bring joy to daily life: in stopping to notice, you unravel the joy inside yourself.


My ever patient husband Elikem stopped the car especially tonight so that I could capture this beautiful brilliance, and I loved being in those minutes, enjoying the magnificence of the winter sky.


Today I am thankful for the silhouetted stark trees of winter, and how marvellous they look against the brilliant winter dusk filled sky.


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