The daily pursuit

So when you move to another continent, far from your homeland, it can sometimes be tough. The pursuit of dreams does not come like a wispy cloud across open skies, nor does it happen all at once like gifts at Christmas. No. I’m sure as you read this you will echo the same sentiments. Maybe you are pursuing your own dreams and it feels like an uphill battle, maybe your dreams seem so unattainable you can barely muster strength to believe in them any more, or maybe you feel your dreams were lost many years ago in the turmoil of life, swirled and torn, like a wet tissue in the tumble drier. Maybe you are loosing hope as the daily hum drum of life gnaws away at the visions you had for how life would play out. And hope seems elusive. Like that wispy cloud.

In my day to day life I am often saying to the Lord, “I am here, what next Lord?” And I find each day I am asking the same question again. It can sometimes be lonely, as I start afresh building new relationships, desperately missing my family and so many friends back in the UK. It can sometimes feel confusing, when I don’t know what I am doing, or where my purpose lies in each day, week, month that goes by. And it can sometimes feel exhausting when I feel like an alien in a new world, like a stranger bee trying to find a place in an unknown hive.



And so, it is quite often through tears and times of crumpled deflation that I continue to push on daily towards pursuing the dreams I believe God placed in my heart many years ago. And often that is the one thing that keeps me hopeful: that God placed a dream in my heart. And that one belief is enough to spur my spirits again and again.

It says in scripture Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name. (Psalm 100 verse 4). And so as I continue to unfold God’s plans for me here in Ghana, I am going to do it with thankfulness and praise. Because it is in his courts I want to be, always in his courts. So I decided to take up my daily thankfulness challenge again: to photograph something I am thankful for each day. I  am going to do this for each day throughout the month of August.

So today, on this the first of August, Lord I am thankful for our home.


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