Reminded afresh

Today, as always, I enjoyed the market. I didn’t stay for long today, just passed by for some fruit and veg on my way home. But I was reminded afresh of the vibrancy of Ghana that I first loved. It always makes me smile to be part of the hustle. I only intended to pick up an avocado and some toms, but its a hard thing to do once you are there! Whilst buying two nice ripe avocados I heard a hola, “You want mangos? I have nice mangos!” I looked up to see two smiling ladies sat together on a box, surrounded by mangos. Laughing as I paid for my avocados I shouted back, “How much?” “Five cedi” she replied, waving her arms over the mangos, happy to have engaged me in mango haggling. “For one??!” I protested. “Ah no, for four!” She replied. This is about 70 pence or a dollar for four mangos. And so, who can resist a mango or four? I bought a bag and somehow ended up with a melon too. And so it went like this around the market. Before I knew it I had some ginger, onions, lemons and a pineapple too. Often when you buy at the agreed price, the seller adds extra into your bag, so your shopping invariably multiplies itself.



IMG_3474Coming home I happily washed all my fresh produce and watched it glisten with water drops in the sunlight. It really is the simple things that make life rich I thought. And unless you stop and notice them, they fade into the tapestry of the day, lost in the weave of our busy lives. I stopped and thanked God again today for these little details of life that make the tapestry of life that little bit richer.



This evening I cooked up a curry with my new veggies, and made a mango and pineapple crumble with my fruits. I felt joyful as I thought about how thankful I am for these small experiences and these small moments. And the end result: wonderful! – both in the eating, and in the joy I had in the preparation.
IMG_3493 IMG_3505

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