Unsexy, Unseen, Unmissable!

I mixed butter and sugar, flour and cinnamon, the oats and the raisins, all the various ingredients the cookbook told me to add. And, as instructed, in went a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. I smiled to myself. No one is going to say later this evening ‘Ooh I love the bicarb in these cookies! Delish!’ No it’s not tasty, or sexy or even noticed. But without it my cookies would be a flop. Literally. 
IMG_3586 IMG_3585 IMG_3588IMG_3590And I considered the unseen: that hidden, unsexy thing I am learning to add into the mixture of my every day life. Gratitude. Nobody sees it when you stop to appreciate the moment, or give thanks in your heart for your home, your spouse, or the birdsong each morning. But the result is that your heart rises, begins to swell with joy, and brings fullness to the day.

And nobody says, ‘wow you are so grateful!’ No, they say; ‘why are you so happy?’ And there it is: the ingredient added in the hidden places has bubbled up, transforming the whole.

Tonight I enjoyed the cookies with a friend as we watched the ‘Bake Off’ streamed from England! Joy!


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