The potters hand

I just love being in the kitchen! I love the peace I find when I become lost in my own world creating meals for Elikem and I. Sometimes I listen to music or a talk. Sometimes I just enjoy the silence.


IMG_2029Today as I seasoned mince, adding herbs and flavours, and rolled them into balls I thought about the verse I read this morning: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” I thought about how we are all poor in spirit compared with the magnitude of God, how we all have so much to learn, and have so much room to grow. Our understanding and maturity is like a speckle in the night sky, compared with the vast universe of God’s knowledge and wisdom. We all need more seasoning!

IMG_2027 IMG_2024IMG_2032IMG_2036And as I shaped my meatballs I considered how, if we allow Him, we are all moulded in the creators hands into something much greater. “We are the clay, and you are the potter. We are all the work of your hand” Now I don’t want to take the analogy too far, as I don’t want to compare us all to meatballs! But as I worked away in the kitchen I thanked God that he continues to work with me and guide me. He continues to season to me as I learn more from scripture, from time spent with him, and from ups and downs of life. And as I daily put myself in his hands he continues to shape me and mould me, never giving up on me. I know I will never be a finished product in this lifetime, so it is good to remember I am a work in progress! 

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