Today at the orphanage school we sifted through plies and piles of stuff which had been taking up an entire classroom for a long long time. It was a bunch of old books, tapes, files and all sorts, most of which had accumulated since sometime in the 1980’s! The discoveries were amazing as we worked through it all, some of which we could keep and use, some of which screamed 1984 and had long past its expiry date! I marvelled at how fast technology has moved on as I filled an entire bag full of old cassette tapes.

IMG_2221 2IMG_2215 2IMG_2219 2IMG_2217 2

It was also amazing to see what the children found amongst the carnage: fancy dress costumes, tiny toy cars, well loved stuffed bears. One of the boys found a crash helmet, which he wore for the entire afternoon as he transported books around in a beat-up push chair!


Then little Rose came and sat next to me to show me her new found treasure. It was an old plastic truck which was still able to play a song when you pressed one of its headlights. Rose was delighted with her find, and proceeded to play the song for me numerous times, waving her arms as if conducting an orchestra as the tune from the old truck filled the air.

IMG_2223 2IMG_2230 2IMG_2225 2IMG_2228I laughed joyously with her, revelling with her in her joy and in the enthusiasm she was bestowing on her treasure. And I thought to myself, this is how each day should be: a treasure hunt. Amidst the chaos of our lives, amongst the things of yesterday we are trying to sift through and make sense of, in the middle of our busy days… there are treasures. And they might not be big things, or shiny, or blow us away, but they are there, when we open our eyes to see: the sound of birdsong in the morning, the smell of fresh bread, the much needed call from a friend, the beauty of the sky, the taste of chocolate mouse… So many treasures to be found in our everyday. 

And just like Rose, we can choose to enjoy our treasures with such delight that it brings joy not only to us, but to those around us too. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In the same way, I think the ordinary things of life become treasures to those who enjoy them to their fullest. Thank you beautiful Rose for reminding me of this today.IMG_2231 2

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