a lovely bunch of coconuts!

Sometimes it’s good to have a little distraction in the day: something to make the train stop, and the world slow, something to capture our imagination for just a while. For me, cooking is like this. It is a doorway into a world of colours and flavours, possibilities and flare, yet it meets a fundamental need to eat, which makes it feel productive at the same time. Bonus!

Today I enjoyed cooking for my friend Jo, and my cooking revolved around some fresh coconuts! I enjoyed the trip out to buy them from the road side, I loved learning from my friend Gifty who helped me with chopping and shredding them, and it was then great blitzing them into a coconut milk for my mellow meatballs (from a totally delicious Nigella recipe).

I wondered tonight if God had planned food in such a way that it was not only enjoyable to eat, but enjoyable to prepare too. And I decided, I think he did! How wonderful is that.

IMG_2399 IMG_2402 IMG_2408 IMG_2406

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