given with love

My sister in law Emily hand made us this amazing bedspread for Christmas, and I love it! I know it took her hours and hours and was made with a lot of love!

IMG_2414One thing that I really appreciate now I live far from friends and family in England are the gifts people have given me over the years. I am sure, where ever you are too, you can look around your own home and see so many things you have been given that make you smile: make you thankful for that person. I often fondly think of those close to me as I drink out of a mug someone gave me, use the table cloth they picked for me, light the candle they bought me, use the coaster they sewed for me, or look at the picture they chose for me. I sat on our home-made-with-love bedspread this afternoon (surrounded by a bit of mess) reading my book, and thought about how thankful I am for all the thoughtful gifts people who love me have given me over the years. So many things around our home were made, bought, chosen, picked, sent, and given to us with love, and these are the bits and pieces I treasure the most.


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