So today is the end of August. And the end of my commitment to write a blog post everyday for something I am thankful for throughout this month. (In 2015 I had decided to just write one post per month). I decided today to take a look back at the month and revisit some of the day to day joys that August has seen, and I have to say, it is really lovely to look back! Amidst all sorts of things going on in my life, these are some of the beautiul moments each day has brought. Moments of beauty, inspiration, stillness, joy, love, laughter, fun, and gifts from my creator God. And mostly, they are just the regular, the ordinary and the every day. And there it is: Life. Ordinary, beautiful, everyday gifts.IMG_3470 IMG_3522 IMG_3567

IMG_3456IMG_0209 IMG_3397 IMG_2021 IMG_2048 IMG_2073 2

IMG_3447 IMG_2123 IMG_2154 2 IMG_2157 2 IMG_2115 2IMG_2091 2IMG_2084IMG_3398IMG_3588IMG_3579IMG_2078 2IMG_3493IMG_3527IMG_2174 2 IMG_3604 IMG_2177 2 IMG_2231 2 IMG_2300 IMG_2318 IMG_2332 IMG_2372 IMG_2398 IMG_3574IMG_2415 IMG_3412

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