In the stillness

I know thousands of babies are being born every day around the world, but I still cannot shake the feeling that having one is a miracle.


At the beginning of 2015 she was not even conceived or created. And now here she is in the middle of the night in my arms, asleep, her perfect little face, so soft and pure, rested in peaceful content. And I marvel. Amazed by my creator God in his forming her every detail.  Blown away by a tiny nose, delicate pink lips, pretty little eyes, and the softest cheeks…. All resting here in my arms in the darkness. ‘In the quiet, in the stillness, I know that you are God.’ The Hillsongs lyrics float through my mind as I sit in the small hours. I love these precious moments with her, I love being with her. My heart swells and I wonder how life ever existed without her…?! Of course I have lived over 30 years of life without her, yet now she is here I feel a sense of completion: Elikem and I and her… a family. Somehow a wholeness infuses into my core, permeating and seeping through, marinating a deep contentment in my soul.


I was reminded as I listened to another song I love, (Heaven Rejoices – Lex Buckley) of a time many years ago when I looked longingly to a bright future. Now here I am living in the fullness of a joy filled life I never imagined. I feel so blessed I don’t know what to do with all my delight. My gratitude to God overflows. As I listen to the song and hear the words I now hear a new and deeper meaning. Before I heard it as God singing over me, now I sing these same words over my daughter.

“I want you to know you are so pure so precious so lovely.

You have been crowned with immeasurable beauty, and heaven rejoices the moment you rise each day.

So I sing over you a song of joy. Let the sun shine on your face…

Do you know I love you?”

Ava Joy, I love you. And in loving you I am beginning to understand the depths of God’s love for me too. His love for both of us: His precious daughters.


3 responses to “In the stillness

  1. May the Lord our God bless you and your beautiful daughter and Eli. Hoping 2016 brings you much joy. Love always,
    Elaine and Doug xx

  2. I love reading your blog and this one in particular as I can identify with those feelings of looking at this little person and gazing in marvel to something so wonderful. Enjoy each day. Steph x

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