About me

 I love to travel, I love to laugh. I love red wine and fresh air and rain. I love the sea. I love to dream. I love to dance and I love to write.

I love long bus journeys in far away places. I love to explore.

I am an adventurer and have always dreamed of a life in far away places, so I am happy to be living in Ghana, West Africa these days.

I’m a creative, so I love to draw and paint and make somethings and nothings. I love to swim, and although swimming in the ocean scares me crazy, I do it anyway.

I love mountains. I love being on a bike. I love wind on my face. I love walking bare foot. I love the sky.

I love flowers, especially the bright ones, like sunflowers. I love eating delicious food, especially with family and friends.


As I go about life I really enjoy writing about it and capturing the beauty of everyday,

I love to write my blog, and always enjoy hearing how my writing resonates with others. I would love to hear from you too, so please do feel free to contact me with your thoughts.

Happy reading!

with love… Becci

2 responses to “About me

  1. Dear Becci, I found your blog. I live in Accra and share your views on life in this city – and your words describe it in perfection and covey what I feel, see and hear when I walk in Accra. Glad that you are having a good experience and sharing the beauty of daily life in Ghana. Regards, Isabel

    • Hi Isabel, thank you for your kind message. I am glad to hear that my words echo with how you feel too and that you are also enjoying the vibrancy and beauty of life here in Ghana. I checked out your Accra Scenes and love them! You have a wonderful talent. Best wishes to you, Becci

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