Enlargements and replacements

Diamond engagement rings get altered for a variety of reasons: 

Inherited engagement rings

If you have a precious family ring you wish to use as your engagement ring but slightly change to make it your own. Then speak to us about how we can sympathetically and gently alter the ring to suit your personal requirements. We have added diamonds and matched them to an original stone. Added other gem stones, Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds. And also removed a diamond and placed it into an entirely new modern setting. 

We love these requests as they are both the most changing from a technical perspective but always the most rewarding as a new precious family engagement ring is born from the old one. There are often tears all round !

Yours hands may have changed in size

This is really common due to a pregnancy or a change in health. Your hand size has moved and now your engagement ring is too loose or too tight. Let us help you to alter it before it falls off your hand and gets lost.

Diamond upgrade

You might have decided to add addition diamonds or enlarge the central stone or change the quality of that diamond. Whatever your plans let a Diamond at Dawn expert help you to source you the perfect engagement diamond upgrade. With our jewellery engineering background we can tell you if your plans are possible within the confines of your current engagement rings design.

Start your "no commitment" conversation with us today and lets see where it takes us.

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