Ethical diamonds

What is an Ethical diamond ?

Sadly Diamonds can come with both an environmental impact through mining processes and also play a role in human conflict zones as blood diamonds.

But we can now offer Laboratory grown diamonds, which are fully certified as conflict free and will be just as durable and beautiful as an original natural diamond

How do you grow a diamond in a laboratory ?

Laboratory grown diamonds are created in similar conditions as naturally grown diamonds below the surface of the earth.  We subject carbon to a combination of high pressure and high temperature. Replicating the exact same conditions in which a diamond grows. 

The temperature used is 1500 degrees which is almost the melting point of steel and the pressure used is 70 bars which is equivalent to the pressure of the Eiffel Tower put upside down on the tip of your finger.

This laboratory controlled process takes a few weeks and results in a rough diamond which can be cut and polished like any other natural diamond to fit into a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Does a laboratory grown diamond look like a real one ?

With the naked eye or using a jewellers eye piece, nobody will be able to distinguish a man made diamond from a naturally grown one once it has been cut and polished. However in a diamond grading lab, they will be able to detect the difference by using equipment made to examine the structure of atoms. But if the provence of the diamond is important to you, a guaranteed conflict free diamond is the ideal choice.

Our laboratory partner is currently undergoing the “SMETA” audit, one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world.

SMETA carries out high quality audits covering all aspects of corporate responsibility and covering 4 areas:

  •  Health and Safety
  •  Labour standards
  •  Environment
  •  Business ethics

We require high standards of our partners and believe this audit is necessary to meet our commitment to transparency, ethical practices and social responsibility at all levels of our supply chain.

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