Repairing an Engagement ring

There is nothing more heart breaking than an engagement ring spending time unworn in a jewellery box because a diamond has worked its way loose.

If you are feeling nervous about wearing your engagement ring because you think the ring is fragile, then please come and talk to us.

We can make minor changes like tighten up the claws through to a full redesign changing a 4 claw setting to a 6 claw.

What's most important is that you feel as confident wearing it today as the day you first received it.

Diamonds are very very hard and durable, sadly gold is softer so over a 10 year period you should expect your engagement ring to need a service.

We have received rings in a very sorry state and returned them to their owners ready to go for another decade. Nothing is beyond repair. If it is precious to you, its precious to us.

Rebuilding paper-thin gold bands of both engagement and wedding rings is a common request. Renewing engraved messages, rubbed away by time or enlarging and making smaller ring band sizes. We can also replace lost diamonds finding a perfect match for your ring.

Inherited rings

Often inherited rings will be worn thin over time. These precious pieces can be reinforced and repaired. So they can go on and serve as important keep sakes and reminders of the person who has passed.

Talk to us today and we can help you take that precious item back out of the jewellery box so it can be worn again with confidence and pride.

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